Olympic wedding proposal – awkward or romantic?

I can’t stop thinking about the proposal made by Qin Kai in front of a global TV audience to Chinese diver He Zi just after she received her silver medal. I just can’t decide whether the moment was awkward or just down right romantic and well thought out.

The reason why I think it’s awkward, or rather an inappropriate time is because it was her moment. It’s an honour to take part in the Olympics and she had just won a silver medal. Quite a bit feat I reckon. And to have that taken away by someone who’s asking you to make one of the biggest decisions of your life – what could you label that? Is it selfish? Arrogant? Balsy? Or just plain romantic?

Kai knew the whole world would be watching and it would certainly have been a devastating blow had she said ‘no’. So he was either confident or brave. But at the back of his mind, or just for a moment he must have had some fleeting doubt. I know that this is a possibility cause my husband said he had the same thoughts when he proposed to me.

Then I can’t help but wonder if this proposal was in fact a genius moment on his part. I mean, you’d have some of the best photographers in the world capturing the moment. It would be on TV too of course so the event would be recorded for free. It’s a talking point which will no doubt be talked about among his friends and family for generations to come (she said yes of course).

So the advantage to proposing in such a memorable and public way is that the event is forever documented in the best way possible. And the fact that she said yes – an absolute bonus. So if you’re thinking of proposing to your partner and feel confident that he or she will say yes – why not take a special event and use that as your platform to declare your love? That is if your partner will find it endearing rather  than you simply raining on their parade.